Why are you here?

Not in the existential sense, but why spend your limited time on Earth looking at this website? Lots of other stuff to do. You could be playing backgammon. Or watching your kids’ lacrosse match. Or inventing an exciting new style of shoelace. Maybe baking some muffins or learning Sanskrit. Instead, you’re looking at this website. And we hope it amuses. If you have an interest in natural history, particularly that of the Piedmont region of the Eastern United States, you may find it diverting and possibly informative. And quit honestly, much more relevant than Sanskrit.


About the Author

The administrator of this website is a slightly crabby middle aged woman who keeps bees, has trained cats, serves as webmaster for some rather snazzy non-profits, used to speak two separate Bantu languages but has forgotten nearly everything, does far too much needlework and studied non-linear dynamics at one point. So don’t be challenging her sciency mojo. In general, she has had far too weird of a life to fit into this web page.

If you’re interested in some assistance with your presence upon the inter webs, you’re welcome to send her a note.

Or if you know the Lugwere word for hedgehog, which she used to know and regrets forgetting.

About the Frog

The frog is a Cope’s Grey Tree Frog, Hyla chrysoscelis. There’s a curious story involving its genetics. It’s worth a thought.