Snapping Turtles! Aka Family Chelydridae

He’s comin’ for ya! Actually, probably a she, and it’s nesting time.

Oooooo…snapping turtles. People get so excited about snapping turtles. “They bite off your toe!” “They hiss!” Which is a bit silly. They’re still turtles, and water turtles at that. Land makes snapping turtles a bit nervous, and being on edge makes most everyone a bit curt.

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A Primer on Terrapene carolina, the Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern Box turtle partially withdrawn into its shell
A slightly annoyed Eastern Box Turtle.

Everyone likes eastern box turtles. Ubiquitous to forest, farms and suburbs throughout the Piedmont, enjoying a good basking spot on a road or trail, refusing to behave like a proper water-loving terrapin, and a habit of boxing up instead of running allows an average human on an average hike opportunity for a close examination. The turtle doesn’t care much for being examined, but it’s so hard to resist picking them up and looking into their little turtle faces. Also it is fun to knock on their shells to see if they are home. As said before, everybody likes box turtles.

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