Snakes coming out in North Carolina

House cats looking through a window at a snake coming out
Cheap, mouse eating cat toys!

Got into the 80’s this week. It is now reliably warm enough that the snakes are coming out in North Carolina. The snakes laying across the front porch is very amusing to the house cats. And an amused house cat is unlikely to misbehave, so in general this can be considered a good thing.

Should you worry about the snakes? No. They’re fine. Maybe you should worry for the snakes. House cats can be viciously evil when it comes to wildlife.

Anyway, they’re a good solid sign that spring is officially here.

In case you’re wondering, they are black racers. Harmless, but seem to be more aware of people than most snakes, so you may hear about them chasing you down. They don’t. They will half stand up and take a good look at you though.

They could be black rat snakes. Both are very common. Rat snakes are heftier than racers, and not quite as long. Rat snakes also have (usually) a white patch under their chins. Racers, not so much. They’re still pretty harmless, unless you’re a bluebird, or a rat, or a reasonably sized frog. But you and yours are fine, unless you consider your people to contain a number of frogs.

And that’s all there is to know about snakes coming out in North Carolina.

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